Retro DishwasherDishwashers come in a large range of makes and models and while they generally continue to work day in and day out, there are times when they break down and fail. Sometimes this will be when we go to put the machine on, or in other cases when we open the machine to expect to see clean crockery and cutlery, and instead see a soapy mess with water puddled on the appliances floor pan. In almost all cases, you will only realize that your dishwasher is not working only after you have fully stashed the machine.

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There are a number of conditions that can cause your dishwasher to fail, the most frequent of these being: The outlet water pipes have become blocked with food stuffs and will no longer allow water to flow out, instead leaving it trapped in the machine. In other cases, the dishwasher just will not start meaning that an electrical gremlin has gotten in somewhere, or the systems safety device will not allow the unit to start due to it being alerted that there is something wrong with one of the internal components. While there is any number of smaller things that can stop your dishwasher working depending one the make and model, these would be the most common occurrences.

Don’t Try To Fix It Yourself – Call Your Local Repairmen!

Unless you can see that the unit is clogged with foodstuffs then the issue is more serious. In the case of foodstuffs blocking the jets or drainage system at the base, you may be able to find a heavy duty cleaner that you can run a cycle with the machine empty to see if the high powered cleaner will unclog the jets and restore complete operation back to you.

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Your only other recourse, other than purchasing a brand new one as a replacement is to contact your local professional appliance work shop and arrange a call out of one of their technicians. A qualified technician will be able to run an audit and determine what the issues is that is causing the failure. Once determined the it is a matter of their either repairing, or more likely replacing the guilty part. A good repair company will be ableĀ  to advise you on the nature of the failure, what needs to be repaired or replaced to have it back in working order, and what the cost is going to be for parts and the labor in replacing the offending part. The next time your dishwasher fails to start and you find that you can not get it working again, make a call to your appliance repair team and get it up and running again.


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