Downtown Fort wayne, IndianaClose to the Ohio border, Fort Wayne, IN is a prominent city and considered a cultural and economic hub in the state. As its name suggest, Fort Wayne was built for the military, and this happened during the Revolutionary War. You can well imagine there are many historical places of interest in the city.

Let’s look at some of the main attractions that tell the story of Summit City, otherwise known as Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Learning in Fort Wayne

Science Central is a great place to start. You’re going to get to see a mastodon, and there is a two-story slide. You know the kids are going to love that activity, and Science Central is said to be fun for all ages. What if you were told you could walk on the moon? Now I’ve got your attention. In all seriousness, you’re of course not going to be on the moon, but it sounds like the experience would be a lot of fun. Science Central is located at 1950 North Clinton Street, and you get to actually join in the fun and be part of a science demonstration.

Fort Wayne Theater

Foellinger Theater in Fort Wayne, INThe Foellinger Theater is an extension of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation. That tells you that the theater is a staple of the city, a cultural institution. The location is 3411 Sherman Boulevard, and it is an outdoor theater. The Foellinger Theater is a great place to catch a concert, and you’re talking some big names, too. There is a review left by a person that went to see Aretha Franklin perform there, and of course she has since passed away.

Nature in the City

If you feel like enjoying nature while in the city, the Fort Wayne Trails are a great place to stop. Most of the trails are paved, and people say they are very scenic. You can take a stroll, or you can bike the trails if you prefer. When you are not worrying about appliance repairs in Fort Wayne, you can surely enjoy the culture found this this amazing city. There are sometimes special events held there, too, like the reenactment mentioned in the reviews. Enjoy the beautiful scenery for awhile, outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Other Local Attractions

Fort Wayne is also known as the City of Churches, and there is a church on list of top attractions in the city. It’s the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. That’s one more idea regarding places to visit to get to know the city of Fort Wayne IN a little better. Travel around Summit City, and see what all you get into during your exploration.